Contemporary Scaramazza Pearl

Each creation is original, each piece is unique, hand made and strictly Made in Italy.

Knowour founder

Ludovica Nistri Ranelletti is a vibrant,dynamic young professional

Ludovica Nistri Ranelletti is a vibrant, dynamic young professional with a fine creative eye and enthusiasm for life. Ludovica brings a fun element to any activity she is passionate about and there are many. As a mother for three young children, her solid sense of the importance of family values and commitment has allowed her family to thrive in a new city and she has raised three lovely children. After pursuing a degree in law and a career as a lawyer and University assistant, Ludovica decided to a more dynamic and creative field. Therefore, several years ago, Ludovica founded her own company, MadeInLidia, that embodies her core principles of elegance, simplicity, and style. Each piece reflects her personality creating a link between past and contemporary.

Ludovica is a loyal and dedicated friend and compassionate to those around her.

She will bring her Italian zest and sense of adventure to any initiative that engages her, updating the collections with an eye kept on the previous and musthave pieces!

Each creation designed by Ludovica Nistri Ranelletti, reflects the link between past and the contemporary.

Anna Stones rings

Available in gold 24ct chain or in silver.
Choose your stone.
Silver: 30
Gold: 70


To make your unique pieces

Family Name necklace

Choose your letter to compose what you want! Silver pendant letter each 10 pounds.

Family name bracelet

Choose your letter to compose what you want! Silver letter each 10 pounds.